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Uniserv – Fort Lauderdale Pool Companies: Building an In-Ground Pool

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Choosing and Installing a Fort Lauderdale In-ground Pool

So you’ve decided it’s time for you to look for a pool company in Fort Lauderdale to build your in-ground pool?  Well there are a lot of options out there so it’s good to go into this purchase knowing some facts.  There are two basic kinds of pools, above ground and in-ground.  Above ground pools may save you some money initially, but in-ground pools are a better overall investment.  They are much more permanent and add considerably more value to your home – not to mention they look much nicer.

This article will be focused on in-ground pools and what you should know about them before you invest in one.  It is advised to discuss thoroughly with your family about what kind of pool you want.  Its size, shape and depth will determine how it can be used.  And pool use varies in each Fort Lauderdale household depending on whether you have “waders”, “swimmers” or “divers” in you family.  Maybe you have all three.  So make sure the pool’s design is the right one for your needs.  Your pool specialist or dealer should be able to help you with this.  After you’ve made the correct choice regarding the parameters of the pool’s size and actual design, now it’s time to talk budget and whether it’s best for you to go with fiberglass, vinyl-liner, or concrete.

Having a Fort Lauderdale pool company give you the fiberglass option, gives you a pre-manufactured pool that can be delivered to your home in one piece (assuming the excavation work is already complete).  It sounds like an easy way to go, but it does cost more than say a concrete pool.  But there are plenty of clear benefits to building fiberglass in-ground pools in Fort Lauderdale.  For those who live in earthquake zones, they’ll be happy to know that fiberglass pools have the ability to absorb shock and flex a considerable amount.  Also, once excavation is completed, the single in ground fiberglass pool piece can be installed relatively quickly.  In the long run you will save money compared to other types of pools as there are fewer chemicals required because the water chemistry is left unchanged by the fiberglass material.  Also, the surface of fiberglass is non-porous which means there will be no laborious hours of scrubbing the bottom and sides to loosen dirt that has settled in the pores and crevices of a material such as concrete in ground pools.  And a fiberglass pool will never need re-plastering.

Vinyl-liner pools arrive at your Fort Lauderdale home from the manufacturer as a kit.  This in-ground pool is basically assembled after the excavation of the yard is fully completed with and prepared with concrete footing.  The separate panels are then fastened with bolts and supported by the concrete underneath.  Over this form is placed the vinyl liner which covers the flooring and sides.  This usually takes anywhere from one to three or four weeks to complete.  One good thing about these kinds of pools is that like with fiberglass, the surface is also non-porous and smooth.  Another good reason is if the   customer happens to live in a climate that is know for cold weather, these kinds of pools are easy to drain and cover     until Spring.

Fort Lauderdale pool companies say concrete pools are the most popular type of in ground pool installed.  The customer saves money on concrete   installation as compared to the more expensive fiberglass in ground pool.  Also, a concrete pool is easy to have custom made allowing the buyer to add his or her own design ideas to get exactly what they want.  There are almost no limits to shapes and sizes.  Concrete pools do, however, take longer to construct than the other two types of in ground pool…anywhere from 2 to 10 weeks of construction time is typical.  The customer also has a say in the type of interior finish desired.  Depending on the buyer’s budget, he or she can choose from paint, plaster or even pebbles.  Concrete pools seem to do well in areas with very high temperatures and where soil is known to expand.  And like fiberglass, concrete is both strong and can be      made somewhat flexible as well when it is constructed.  It is recommended that you talk to your pool specialist or dealer to  determine the best choice for your area’s climate and soil. One important thing to investigate before beginning any pool  building project is knowing the specific laws in your Fort Lauderdale community regarding pool safety and zoning.  These  laws can be very specific and can change from one area to the next…so be informed before you start digging.

After you build your Fort Lauderdale pool company builds your pool, there will be some accessories that you may want to consider.  There is a vast selection of different water levelers and cleaners that are designed to work automatically.  Maintaining your pool is a big job and these automated cleaners can save the pool owner a lot of time.  The variety of automated cleaners available, and finding a good storage company to keep all of your equipement would be a  whole article in itself.  However, with a little research and/or the right advice from your pool specialist, the right cleaner for  your pool won’t be difficult to find.  Choosing the right kind of filter for your particular pool will also be advice you’ll want from your dealer.  Pool heaters and how important they are to the pool owner will vary greatly depending on what kind  of climate they live in and how many months a year they wish to have their pool in use.  Lastly, pool covers come both  automated and manual, and add the benefits of extra safety, retention of solar heat, and in keeping debris and litter  out. I hope this article helps when you are looking for a in-ground pool company in Fort Lauderdale.