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When deciding what Fort Lauderdale Pool Companies to use when building a new pool from scratch versus renovating your old outdated pool here are some of the pros and cons.

Remodeling can include pool resurfacing, paver sealing, custom pool waterfalls or fountains, complete pool renovations, pool tile repairs, pool leak detection, and pool equipment installation. Also other decorative elements can include construction of swimming caves or bridges, installing underwater lighting or mood lighting, adding gazebos, building a swim up bar, adding a diving board or water slide. Some of the equipment upgrades can include upgrading to a salt water system or solar heating, installing multiple pumps or automated filtration systems, integrating jet spas. This is perfect if your pool just needs some updating or maintenance, or even if you want to go all out to change the look of your back yard and pool area completely. Fort Lauderdale Pool resurfacing is one of the main options that remodeling companies offer. There are different types of resurfacing available: Diamond Brite Resurfacing is made with natural quartz and leaves a great durable finish; Pebble Resurfacing is another option that leaves the pool with a more natural look; Aggregates Resurfacing is a way of adding colored quartz to the cement so that the specific hue can be chosen by the home owner; Beadcrete Resurfacing is a patented formula of solid glass spheres that are locked into polymer modified cements, that appear to “glow” under lights and have a 3D effect, it is also available in a variety of colors. So as you can see there are many ranges in just the resurfacing alone. Many people who have swimming pools in Fort Lauderdale already find it ideal that they can update by adding one of the hottest new trends – a relaxing custom built waterfall. This adds beauty and calm by creating a spa like feel. Other people just have pools that need a little tender loving care and maybe need to do some maintenance.

Using a Pool Company in Fort Lauderdale for new pool construction, the owner gets to design his or her own dream swimming pool. This is the main advantage of new construction, however, as with most construction, it can be a lengthy process: In Fort Lauderdale, New Construction requires construction permits, which takes usually one to two weeks. Meanwhile they are working on the design and plans for your pool. After the building permit has been approved, (which can take up to six weeks depending on where you live) the construction can begin. A typical in ground pool takes about two months to complete. There are basic steps that the pool company has to follow in the construction of any new pool. First is the “layout and excavation” of the pool. This is where they measure the exact size of the pool according to the plans and start the digging process to shell out the hole for the pool. Next they use steel bars to reinforce the strength of the pool. The following step is to encase the steel bars and finish the shell with several layers of gunite or shortcrete. Plumbing is the next step. They use PVC pipes for the plumbing in the pool. Now they install the chosen tile on the waterline. They install all the pool’s equipment next for the pool to operate as well as any additional equipment, such as a pool heater. In Fort Lauderdale, all of the equipment has to be installed by a fully licensed electrician, and he will hook the pool’s equipment up to your home’s main electrical supply.  After that any pool decking, wood, stone, marble, etc. is built up around the pool. Lastly they apply the swimming pool’s interior plaster finish.

The main decision as to whether you should go with new construction of a pool or go with pool renovations depends on many aspects. If you are home shopping and find a home that you love with a pool in disrepair it may be worth calling a pool company and going with pool renovations. However, if money is no object and you are home shopping, it may be ideal to buy the house with land and then construct your dream swimming pool. This is one of the big advantages with new construction – the owner gets to be in on the design and pick out the shape and details that they like. Fort Lauderdale Pool renovations can be great to updating an older swimming pool or make repairs. Another craze seen throughout the pool industry is home owners who already have swimming pools are now adding in Jacuzzi tubs and spas. This can be done by Pool companies in Fort Lauderdale. I would recommend getting quotes and comparing prices. Just be sure to check out what ever pool company that you do decide to go with. You want to make sure exactly what you are getting for your money in your pool.  You want to make sure the place you chose has a warranty policy and has good references when looking for your Fort Lauderdale pool company.