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Fort Lauderdale Pool Maintenance Basics

So you live in South Florida and you want to be sure of who to hire for a pool maintenance company in Fort Lauderdale. On a hot summer day there is nothing that compares to the relief and enjoyment a swimming pool can provide.  A simple plunge into the cool water can instantly wipe away the blistering dry heat or the hot and muggy humidity of an August afternoon.  A home pool also offers the owner and his or her family and friends a place to gather for exercise and relaxation – not to mention the social value of congregating around a pool for parties and barbeques.

But with owning anything of value, maintenance is a must, and pools are certainly no exception to this rule.  And pool maintenance is crucial in keeping a pool safe to swim in and functioning properly.  For the first time owner, a maintenance companies overview of pool maintenance basics is essential.  Living in Fort Lauderdale, you will most likely have an outdoor in ground swimming pool and must make certain that the pool is clean and safe.  How to properly clean and maintain it will vary depending on where you live (climate) and how it is constructed.  All pool maintenance will have to be regularly done and on a routine maintenance schedule.

There are two things which directly affect the water conditions of your pool; how often it is used, and the actual climate and weather conditions of your area.  The amount of sunlight will often determine the kind of maintenance program you are on.  In general, the more sun you get (and in Fort Lauderdale we get plenty) the more the owner has to be on top of the water’s balance of chemicals.  Otherwise without proper pool maintenance, you could walk out to see you pool water tinged with blue-green algae….Not a good thing.

Running pool maintenance on the PH levels is crucial to keeping your water healthy, clean and algae-free.  Fort Lauderdale brings with it the perfect climate for algae and most anything else that can go wrong, so it is recommended that a PH check be done almost every day.  If the PH is off, chemicals should be added to get them back to “normal”.  Keeping the PH balance is also maintained by having an effective water filtering system that can assist greatly in keeping the necessary chemicals “mixed” throughout the pool water.  These are two elements that are absolutely necessary to ensure water that is safe and clean to swim in.

Another inevitability of being a pool owner is the accumulation of various foreign objects in the water.  The list is long but common among this unwanted litter are leaves, branches, hair, bugs, dirt, dust, bark, various trash items, and everything else that comes with the weather and hurricanes in Fort Lauderdale.  And with this debris comes the potential for adding bacteria and/or algae to your pool water.   Proper Fort Lauderdale pool maintenance will have the debris removed regularly to ensure that the water is safe.  Waiting too long only increases the chances of having more serious issues with algae and bacteria that later on will be more difficult for and pool maintenance company in Fort Lauderdale to fix.  It pays to stay on top of getting the litter out of the water right away.

Also important to point out is that the actual water level is also a concern that can’t be overlooked.  Having improper water levels can quickly damage or even ruin equipment.  Water is lost to evaporation on a daily basis and especially during the long, hot summer days and vigilance is nonetheless required year round for your Fort Lauderdale pool.  It is absolutely necessary to be aware of changing water levels and make sure the proper water level is maintained at all times.  What are the consequences of water being too low?  For one, if the water level is too low, air can enter the system and destroy the motor.  And repairs or replacement can be very expensive.

But not only evaporation can be the culprit to decreasing water levels.  Cracking in the exterior of the pool can certainly allow water to escape…sometime by several hundred gallons every week.  The crack will likely continue to expand and only get worse over time.  If a crack is detected in your pool, it is far better to have called a pool maintenance company immediately rather than wait. You can always check with your local or regional Chamber of Commerce for a good pool company in Fort Lauderdale.

Having water levels that are too high certainly isn’t good either.  It can affect your skimmers ability to collect unwanted debris.  And while losing water can initially be a more serious concern, the mess that can be caused by uncollected debris in the water.  For many people, this kind of regular maintenance can often be too difficult to do within their busy schedules.  So there is definitely the option available to have professionals available who will come to the home and have the pool cleaned, chlorinated and maintained.  The owner will never have to worry about the PH levels or debris accumulating in the water or even maintaining the water level itself.  This solution is a good one for many owners who prefer to spend less time maintaining their pool and more time enjoying it. So if you are looking to hire a good pool maintenance company in Fort Lauderdale, shop around before jumping onboard with the first one you see to insure you pool stays as healthy as possible.



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