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I was comparing Fort Lauderdale pool companies last week. I just moved into a beautiful house in fort Lauderale. I wanted an In ground pool for my back yard. I know from having and in ground pool in Pompano Beach Florida, every city has its own rules about having an that kind of pool.

The first Fort Lauderdale pool company that I looked into was a let down. Some of my opinions are just opinions, however I want to give you the full story. I called the pool  company and some woman answered the phone as if I was catching her at a bad time. Instead of saying “hello, this is – whatever pool company in Fort Lauderdale Florida”, she just said “HOLD ON”.  So after I had to ask if I was calling the right place, she confirmed it and then went on with the conversation as if that was normal. I explained that I was looking for a pool company in Fort Lauderdale that would help me build an in ground pool in my new house. She tells me that we do however could not answer any questions. She could only take my number down and have someone from the pool company call me later to answer questions. I was not happy with that because I wanted to make some progress on this pool company matter. We will get back to that Fort Lauderdale pool company.

The next pool company in Fort Lauderdale that I looked into was an improvement. I found this pool company online. I hated their website. was very plain, sloppy, and unattractive. Instead of looking for information about an in-ground pool, I just called the number. I liked the fact that when I called the pool company, I spoke to an actual technician that knew the answers to all of my questions. I was able to feel out his expertise and get prices for new in ground pool construction, pool maintenance and pool repair. Just because I was able to speak to someone that would be working on my pool, I instantly chose this one as my favorite Fort Lauderdale Pool Company.

This last one was one of the better ones. This place was pretty cut and dry place. Boring website, however it was full of information. As someone looking for someone to build a new in ground pool in Fort Lauderdale I was more interested in how much the pool company knew and not how pretty they could make their website. I was just giving you a personal feel to this article. I called and spoke with a man that said he was the owner. He said he can build my in ground pool but he is very busy and could not meet with me until next week which was 4 days away. I lost interest immediately. I want a Fort Lauderdale pool company that has time for me and makes me feel like they are capable of handling this job.  If he was too busy to come and see what I wanted, and he was answering his own phone I would not want to end up waiting for him to build my pool.

This is the end of the first part of my search for a pool company to build my in ground pool  I looked into 3 so far and each of them were flawed so far. I will complete this quest and document it for you. That way if you end up wanting to build an in-ground pool and need a good Fort Lauderdale pool company you will have something to go on. Have fun!



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