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Uniserv – Pool Service Companies Ft Lauderdale


Pool service companies Fort Lauderdale offer you all types of services related to pool services. They offer services like installing pools of any design you desire even if you want a hot tub installed in your house. It could be a very tiring task to maintain your pool so why go through the stress when you can hand over the job to our pool service companies Fort Lauderdale? Hiring us for your pool services will give you a sense of relief because you will know that your pool is in special care. We understand every aspect of pool services that is why it is advisable to hire us for cleaning of your pools, installation of new pools, maintenance of swimming pools and installation of hot tubs. It is only a professional pool service company that can handle the above services so consider us as your number one stop when it comes to offering you pool services.

Pool service companies Fort Lauderdale also offer repairs to your pool so if you notice any irregularity in your swimming pool, you can call for our help and we will quickly come to your rescue. When you contact us for repairs, we first come to your house to assess the problem before taking the next step of repairing the damage. If you choose to call on us for weekly services, we will come to your house regularly to perform weekly pool services like cleaning out the skimmers and pumps, cleaning the waterline tile, backwashing filters and making sure that every component of the swimming pool is in perfect working condition.

You don’t have to consider doing it yourself because you might end up using chemicals that are dangerous to the health and in the process put your family’s health at risk. We handle the cleaning of your pools with specialized chemicals that are not harmful to the health and we make sure we test the water to see that it is clean and safe.

Troubleshooting in order to identify problems with your pool is also another service that pool service companies offer. Once your swimming pool develops a fault like the pumps or piping system going bad, you should quickly call for our help before it gets out of hand. You can count on them for any services regarding taking care of your swimming pools so don’t hesitate to call pool service companies Fort Lauderdale when you are faced with any pool issue.

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