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Uniserv – Pool Service in Fort Lauderdale


If you are experiencing problems with pool service in Fort Lauderdale, you are not alone because many other people are facing the same problem as well. A lot of people do complain about the person they hired to fix a damaged part of their pool duping them of one thing or the other. Some others inquire about how or where to get new pool equipment because the person they hired stole some of their pool’s equipments. Some people had to change the heating units and filters of their swimming pools because the pool chemistry was not properly maintained by the swimming pool producer.

Some people have to change the swimming pool light niches of their fiberglass pools just because the inappropriate PH level in the swimming pool ate a hole in it. There are lots of unpleasant cases but there are few pleasant ones and it bothers a lot of people because it isn’t meant to be so.

If you want to hire a pool service in Fort Lauderdale you have to make sure they are insured, certified, and bonded. It is very important to ensure that they are at least insured because this would be of great help if there is any damage to your property.

Before hiring a pool servicing company you also have to find out if they have licenses or if they are certified. Make sure you conduct a research to reveal what your state requires if they declare that they are certified. Take note that they can still carry out their business enterprise in the best way possible despite not being certified. In Texas for example, the technician has to be a licensed appliance installer to carry out any kind of electrical work on swimming pools, even if it is just a light switch.

A perfect way to determine the quality of job they do is by taking a look at their price. The best way is to contact between 5 and 7 different producers, and the best way to find them is through the internet. After compiling a number of pool servicing companies in Fort Lauderdale, check out their certifications, pricing, and check if they have insurance. Make sure you pick the company that can take care of your pool requirements with an affordable price you can afford. Try as much as possible to get different quotes from several companies, compare them and then select the best pool service in Fort Lauderdale.